Saturday, December 5, 2009

I'm back

It's been some time since I've been here. I have finally been successful in not only getting into Rollyo, but also creating an account and creating a search roll. After getting that very helpful "sharing" list of reference web sites from Charlet, I knew how I could keep many of them handy. I created a "roll" of Reference Favorites. OK - an account, a search roll -- then of course try it out. I picked a rather popular topic at first. A search for "H1N1" returned thousands of hits. Whoa.
So then, I tried something a bit more obscure. We just watched the final episode of "Monk", the TV show. I couldn't remember when it started. I searched -- and boom, immediate answer. It premiered in 2002. Can it really be seven years? I have to admit, I had my doubts about this one. But I'm pretty sure I can find uses for this tool -- especially in a library setting.

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