Sunday, December 6, 2009

#14 - Technorati

Before this class, I wasn't very cognizant of "blogs". I had heard of them, of course, and often visited my daughter-in-law's blog -- where she frequently posted pictures of the family. Here I am creating my own blog -- and am writing about blogs. I found the explanation of the title "technorati" enlightening ("technology" + "literati"). I assume the writers of blogs are the "educated class" using technology to publish their wisdom. Although I should be amazed at the number of blogs in existence, I am not. I can believe the the number grows exponentially daily.
My exploration of the site leads me to believe that updates have occurred since the podcast at the "learning 2.0 23 things" Web site. I did look at the blog directory, the keyword search box of blog posts and the tag pages. There is also a list of the Top 100 bloggers and the "State of the Blogosphere". I wonder if there is any topic about which a blog has not been written? I suspect that this particular tool could actually be useful in reference. Even though there is no peer review to create the reliability, a search here may just lead you to the correct answer. Just out of curiosity, I wondered if anyone had written blogs about Tiger Woods and the mysterious Thanksgiving accident. Indeed they had! I also noted that there is an entire section devoted to political blogs -- this could be interesting for my husband.

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