Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#19 Web 2.0 Awards

Before I begin this post about the short list of Web 2.0 award winners, I want to note that I forgot to put anything in the previous post about how the value of Zoho (or other online productivity applications) in the library world. But perhaps it goes without saying. After all, free online word processing, email, conferencing, etc. applications would be very useful for the librarian.
Now to the award winners. I couldn't pick just one to look at. I looked at three, so please bear with me as I talk about all three. Google Docs was the winner in the collaborative writing category while second place went to
Writeboard. I was curious since I had not heard of Writeboard. Although I didn't actually try to create a document there, the features looked really good. I was glad to know there were alternatives to Google Docs for when I am no longer a student at UW. I can certainly see the value in librarians being able to collaborate easily on document creation -- perhaps on a paper.
I am always interested in health related information. I looked at the first place winner in that category - Revolution Health. I have to admit that for actual health information, I would much rather visit
MedlinePlus. However, this site is very useful for creating a PHR (Personal Health Record). These are very handy for having all of your health information readily available. My personal favorite for this tool, though, can be found at MyHealtheVet. Because it is a government site, it is very safe and reliable. You don't have to be a Veteran to use the PHR part of the site.
OK -- just one more for the bibliophile side of me. I looked at LuLu. This site seems to be a place to not only find books to buy, but also to publish and to sell -- and not only books, but all things publishable.
This particular site (Web 2.0 award winners) would be quite helpful to the reference librarian.
I have bookmarked this
page as well. Thanks for the introduction.

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