Wednesday, December 9, 2009

#23 -- The End

This is a bit bittersweet. I am certainly pleased to have completed the program. And I am not sure I could embrace 43 Things. Most of these 23 things have been completely new for me -- and I did not grow up in the computer age. I have thoroughly enjoyed this, however. I found the applications manageable and mostly FUN. It was a GREAT idea to create a blogspot, because now there is a written record of my walk through the entire program. I consider it will be a good reference source. There were suggested questions to answer.
1. What are my favorite discoveries?
LibraryThing, Zoho, RSS Feeds, and Podcast production.
2. Has this program affected my lifelong learning goals?
I looked back at my first post. Why does that seem so long ago? I noted that I confessed to a lack of confidence. This program has definitely given me a boost. I have certainly not reached a geek status, but I feel like I can use these programs both for my own benefit and for the benefit of the library if I am fortunate enough to find a position after graduation.
3. Were there unexpected outcomes? YES! I wasn't expecting to enjoy this so much -- or to find so much useful.
One more time -- thanks for a great experience.

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