Wednesday, December 9, 2009

#20 -- YouTube

Would you look at that? I was able to post for you one of my favorite You Tube videos. Here is a link to one of my other favorites. I also looked at the Library dominos video. I wonder where that was taken and which books were they that were all the same size and shape? During this summer, I was helping one of our professors, Catherine Arnott-Smith with a research project that involved interviewing public librarians all over the state. We visited the library in Lake Mills, WI, where I know the director, Gerard Saylor likes to make You Tube videos. I checked it out and here is his latest -- enjoy. I will post it in a new blog. (This is my example of how You Tube videos can be used in the library.:) As for the videos on Google, I noted that they are actually from other video sites -- like You Tube. What I do like is that if you "google" for something, you can check out the "video" tab to see if there is a video about it. Anyway, once again this was fun. Hope you enjoy the videos I picked.

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