Tuesday, December 8, 2009

#18 Online Productivity Tools

OK - how come I didn't know about Zoho writer before? I am really impressed. I created a new document using a poem written by my practicum advisor. I then sent it to my blog from Zoho. You will find it in the preceding blog entitled "Koehler Poetry". How about that? I also sent an email to my daughter using Zoho mail. I investigated the Zoho planner (very cool) and the online presentation tool (also very cool). (Goodness, I sound like one of my children.) I noted that there is also an application for creating Wikis. I have bookmarked the Zoho accounts page and will return. I did know about Google docs. We have used that tool to work on group projects in some of my courses. But for that purpose, I think I now prefer using My (UW) Webspace.

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