Wednesday, December 9, 2009

#22 - Audio Books

I first went to NetLibrary from my computer at work at UW. Because I was at a UW computer, I was taken directly to UW-Madison's eContent Collection. I didn't know that this was here so it was a nice find. However, all of the books here are ebooks, but NOT eAUDIObooks. From my home computer, and by following the link at the 23 Things site, I am taken to the OCLC NetLibrary. Because I do not have a library card with PLCMC, I am unable to create an account there. I did, however look briefly at the Net Library Media Center. It is good to know about this Center that looks to have an amazing collection of eaudiobooks and to know that a library can gain access to these books for their patrons. I decided to visit my own public library system here in South Central Wisconsin. I followed the link to Wisconsin Public Library Consortium's Digital Download Center. I took the "download digital media guided tour". Here I was introduced to the Overdrive Media Console. The instructions for download look to be doable. I do not have either a laptop, a MP3 player or an iPod and so did not actually download the console. I LOVE audiobooks -- listen to them while performing household chores and while traveling. I have also checked out the books and player all in one combination. It appears that most of the eaudiobooks at this site seem to play on a PC and an iPOD. I think if I had an iPod, I would like this feature -- and maybe someday I will get one. In the meantime, many library patrons do have iPods, so it will be a pleasure to someday introduce this great Web 2.0 application to them.
While I can, I will continue to check out books on cassette and CD and listen to them on my walkmen or car CD or cassette player. I'm glad to know there is a really great alternative to this available just waiting for me to step into the 21st Century:)

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