Wednesday, December 9, 2009

#21 Podcasts

I learned several things here at "thing 21" -- podcasts. For instance, "podcast" was named "word of the year" by the New Oxford American Dictionary. Specifically I learned that the word of the year is chosen by how often requests for definition of the word are received. I also learned that a podcast is an audio program distributed via the internet, and that a podcast differs from a streaming audio in that it is transmitted automatically through a RSS feed. (Good thing I learned about RSS feeds earlier.) It was interesting that here a RSS feed is not only explained as a "really simple syndication", but also a "rich site summary". These podcasts are created generally for "niche" audiences. I have some experience with podcasts and a "niche" audience. I work a (very) few hours per week at the Cooperative Children's Book Center and have on occasion been asked to contribute the weekly podcasts produced by and about the CCBC. I was not able to add this podcast to my blogline, but here is a link. I visited the "Beginners guide to podcasts and podcasting (plus: how to create a basic podcast of your own) at This is a very useful, informational site. I am happy to know about it if someday I would like to create a podcast in a library. There is a link there to eatonweb -- a BLOG directory. I also visited where an amazing number of podcasts can be found. I clicked the link to the "top podcasts" and chose to add "The Old Time Dragnet Show"with Adam Graham" to my Bloglines. You know, I thought that I had so many things that I wanted to do after I retire that I would have to live to 100 to do them all. The list has grown longer. . . There are certainly a lot of amazing technology applications available out there.

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