Thursday, October 15, 2009

RSS Feeds

Well, would you look at that?! I knew about RSS feeds. I manage a biochemistry research lab. The researchers use RSS feeds to be notified of articles that pertain to their research. I didn't know what RSS stood for. How non-inquisitive is that? "Really Simple Syndication" sounds a little like "keep it simple stupid". And really, it is simple. I never really thought of having my own personal RSS feed. I had a great deal of fun setting up the Bloglines newsreader account. I added in news feeds, library feeds, my son and daughter-in-law's blog (wonderful grandchildren pictures),'s word of the day (love it!), and a number of the Channel 3000 (Madison) feeds. And you know what-- this is going to help. My schedule is a bit overwhelming just now, and I have missed keeping up to date on some things because of it. It's pretty obvious that this great technology would be very helpful to the busy librarian, who has more than a personal need for keeping up to date on all sorts of things, especially library news. I almost feel like saying Whoo Hooo!

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