Sunday, October 4, 2009


Help. I can't help it. Reading about all these amazing (to me at least) technologies, I'm suffering from technology overload. I don't even have a digital camera. Once the children grew up, got digital cameras and started taking pictures, I simply let them take the pictures. I was introduced to "Webshots" years ago and used to download random photos for my computer's desktop. I joined Facebook last year and became "friends" with my children so that I could see the pictures of the grandkids they posted -- now my computer desktop picture changes often with new pictures of the grandkids. Someday when I get the chance, I'd like to make a trading card for each of them. I had heard of avatars in LIS 450. I'm afraid it boggled my mind a bit. However, I realized how they could be valuable on a library's website when I visited this site -- -- highlighted on Sitepal. Good old Salty - helping Navy folks transition to Norfolk. I found this especially interesting since my youngest son graduated from the Naval Academy and then spent an additional six years in the Marines. I also have a daughter (in the picture with me) who is a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. She's a Pharmacist, serving at Naval Hospital in Beaufort, NC.

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