Friday, October 9, 2009


Have I said how much I am enjoying my practicum at the Meriter Hospital Medical Library? Robert and Sharon have welcomed me and made me feel like I belong. Both Robert, the library director and Sharon, his assistant are very busy helping with literature searches, filling reference requests and being amazing customer service representatives. Robert has built a rapport with an amazing number of people in the entire hospital community. There are always people in the library and in the short two hours I am there on a day, several people will stop by with requests -- or just to chat for a few moments! The goal of the library is to fill requests as quickly as possible -- rarely does a reply not go out the same day. Meriter is part of free-share group that freely shares articles through Docline. Yesterday as I was finishing, Robert said, "just think, perhaps one of those articles will help save someone's life". I hadn't thought of it that way, but it did remind me that what we do as librarians is important!

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