Saturday, November 14, 2009

Library Thing (#11)

Learning 2.0: a discovery learning tool for librarians. I confess that I am finding too many personal uses for these tools. I'm sure that almost everyone else already probably knew about this, but I didn't. I am elated. Reading is a favorite pastime for many members of our family. Because my children know that I like to read certain authors, they like to give me gifts of those books. I actually have a rather large collection of Agatha Christie books started probably 35 years ago or so. At times, even I run across a book and wonder - do I have that one. I also enjoy reading Alexander McCall Smith (as well as many others). This is great! I can "catalog" my books, share the link ( with my family, and they will know (and so will I) whether I have a certain book or not. Not only that, but they can do the same, since I also am known to give books as gifts -- and often have to consult with them to see if they have the book, thereby entirely removing the element of surprise. With a group forum for librarians, reviews and recommendations, plus the huge and growing number of cataloged books, the value to the librarian is obvious. Kudos to Tim Spalding for creating this tool.

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  1. Nice-- reading books give a lot of benefits, but somehow you have to take care of your eyes.
    Wow ! you got a lovely catalog. Thanks for sharing it-(I am inspired to get my own catalog)

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